About Us

Masert Alaamar Company(MASCO)

General Contracting and Pipeline Services

Introduction :
MASCo. for Pipeline Services is proud to be an Iraqi owned company for pipeline installation operating in Basra and throughout Iraq. MASCO company is an Iraqi company that combines the local and international expertise in one dedicated knowledgeable team that can offer an international effort with a local capabilities and provide the best solutions for the Iraqi market. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction are the driving forces of the world’s more rapidly growing economies today, and MASCO has executing EPC projects across the Energy, Industrial and Infrastructure sectors in Iraq. MASCO endeavors on excellence in construction safety, quality, performance, employee satisfaction and social responsibility has enabled it to be one of the most trusted and sought after Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies in the region. It has continuously delivered projects, providing value-added engineering, construction and service skills to clients for whom the quality of execution, reliability and efficiency are vital. MASCO interred the pipeline services filed including all associated civil and mechanical work where it was in a form of subcontracts with other companies.
Our Goal: Zero Accidents . Safety is essential and Masco personnel is familiar with the latest technology and certified to the latest QHSE standards. In addition to complying with international standards, we also carefully study local legislation and other regulations before starting on a project and our customers well know we work safely and get the job done. Masco provides safety-training and instruction, we guarantee the safest possible innovative technology, cost-effective operations and strict working conditions. Our QHSE is responsible for the day-to-day management and standards and the training we provide to local personnel inspections. Masco provides. its own equipment, this Respect enables us to serve our customers quickly and effi- ciently and avoids delays.
At MASCO. Performance is the sole determinate of success, our employees are evaluated the measure of their performance and individual growth within the organization and hard work in rewarded.
MASCo. is committed to meeting and exceeding our client expectations, the company adheres to high standards for quality assurance / quality control and health, safety .
Our Mission :
MASCO is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services delivered by the most qualified people.
Our Vision :
MASCO Company is not just a General Contractor company. We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.