About Us

At 2000 Mr.Abbas Ali Mryan started work in the field of mechanical contracts where the beginnings was with welding, sandblasting, cleaning and painting of the steel structure. Adding to, ships and oil Tanks the amount of the first project was ($140,000) included both flow line and sandblasting. Gradually, the amount of money raised till 2015 that arrived more ($10,000,000) for construction pipelines and as shown in the history per each project. He interred the pipeline services field including all associated civil and mechanical works, where it was focused on subcontracts with other companies.

At 2006 and after gaining a wide Experience and possessing of different Equipments, MASERT ALAAMAR Company For General Contracts have been Established with (1,000,000) Million Iraqi Dinar of capital and with registration Number of MSH-02-1784.

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  • At 2007 company capital have been increased upto (201,000,000) Million Iraqi Dinar.
  • At 2009 company capital have been increased upto (1,001,000,000) Million Iraqi Dinar.
  • At 2013 company capital have been increased upto (3,000,000,000) Billion Iraqi Dinar